Benefits of Playing domino

1. Improving arithmetic skills

Five-Up Dominoes, though uses sequences and patterns of die in order to win, does not solely rely upon it. In this game, the tiles should be strategically placed for all ends to sum up in something that is a multiple of five. When it does so, then you will have a score equivalent to it.
For example, if so happen that you placed a double six and your opponent attached a 6-3 to it, then the ends would be equal to 6+6+3 = 15. That is immediately 15 points on his part. If you set 100 points as the maximum, then you should keep on playing new games until one of you reach 100 points.

2. Develops critical thinking

Another way to win in this game is by trapping your opponent just like how it is done in the circulating Domino rule. Since the round ends when one of the players successfully placed all the tiles in the train, the remaining player should count all the dots placed in the tiles remaining at his hand. Depending on the variation, some automatically converts the total number of remaining dots into points and give it to the winner of the round.
So even if you have the arithmetic, make sure that you won’t be trapped as well so that you can get bigger points.

3. Learns strategy

Even if you learn to apply these things properly, there’s no way you can win if you can’t convert them into strategy. Upon playing Domino, you’ll see yourself making and customising one of those depending on which applies. For example, you might find yourself lacking five points and trapped in a game. If you believe you can still escape from it, try developing a strategy wherein your focus is to gain those additional five points by the summation of ends. It will not only frustrate your opponent, it will help you be declared the winner.

Source: gamesda