Domino Strategy

1. Set down doubles early

Because doubles have the same suit value on either end, you will have fewer opportunities to set them down on the layout, so it is a good idea to play them whenever you have the opportunity. It's only too easy to get stuck with doubles.

2. Set down your heavier tiles early

Because you don't know for sure who will win a round of dominoes, it is a good idea to play your heavier spotted tiles early so whoever wins a round or whether the round is blocked you won't be caught with a high score of points for your opponent.

3. Hold on to a variety of suits

Try to keep as many different suits as you can in your hand as long as you can. This will give you a range of options when it comes to the tiles you can set down and prevent you from being unable to make a play at all and having to pass on your play.

4. Note your opponents weak suits

Whenever an opponent passes on their play or draws from the boneyard, remember which suit values they don't have. This allows you to be more able to block them in later game-play.

5. Work out your opponent's hand

If you study the layout of already played tiles and the tiles in your own hand you will often be able to guess what your opponents are holding in their hands. This becomes easier the more tiles are played onto the layout. You'll soon learn which tiles in your own hand to play to block your opponents.